Please see our list of frequently asked questions. If you cannot find a solution to your problem then please contact us at: support (at)

  Where can I find instructions for the game?

Answer: There is an extensive suite of help pages available by pressing the HELP button at the main screen of the game.

  Can I play the game without purchasing the product?

Answer: Yes, at , where the game (the version 9X9) can be activated by pressing the FREEPLAY button at any site page. The save load games and scoreboard utilities are available only at the products which can be downloaded from Apple Store and Google play. The game can be activated only when internet browsers are used which are compatible with the FLASH environment.

  How many game products are available at Apple Store and Google play?

Answer: There are two products available:
Napoleon Tic Tac Toe with game board 9X9
Napoleon Tic Tac Toe Pro with game board 19X19

  The game force closes on my Android device when I try to start it...

Answer: Try updating to the latest system software. Go to Settings/About and run a system update.

  I have purchased the game on Google Play, but it didn't download to my device yet...

Answer: There is sometimes a delay before the game gets fully downloaded. We unfortunately cannot control this, since it it is all handled automatically by Google. If there is an error while downloading the game, your purchase will be refunded automatically. You can try again after a while. You will never be charged twice on Google Play for the same app. If you have further questions about payment and delivery, please contact Google directly.

  Do you offer any alternative means of payment?

Answer: No unfortunately Napoleon Tic Tac Toe  can only be purchased directly on Android stores or iTunes.

  The price on my bank statement doesn't match the price on Google Play. Why?

Answer: Within the European Union, there is a 25% Value Added Tax (VAT) added to the price on Google Play. If there is anything extra added it could be your bank charging an extra fee for foreign transactions. Please also note that the price on your receipt or bank statement might be in a foreign currency.

  What is the game scoring method?

The scoring system is calculated as follows: line of length n=4 : 1 point, line of length n>4 : (n-4)*3 points.
Specifically, the score for lines of length n (between 4 and 19) is:
n=4 score=1   n=8 score=12    n=12 score=24    n=17 score=39
n=5 score=3   n=9 score=15    n=14 score=30    n=18 score=42
n=6 score=6   n=10 score=18  n=15 score=33    n=19 score=45
n=7 score=9   n=11 score=21  n=16 score=36