2000 years history moves forward!

Two thousand years ago it was tic tac toe in Ancient Egypt and Roman Empire. Following that, it was Gomoku or Pente (5 pieces in a raw) around 700 AD in China and Japan. Recently it was Renju and Connect 6 in the 20th century.

Now  we introduce Napoleon tic tac toe, the new, more complicated and full of mental action member of that family of board social games. It appeared as a pencil and paper game in 1974 in Greece and became very desirable for a selected number of highly educated players, who have played thousands of games of it.

In 2012, our company mobileFX iGaming obtained the exclusive know how of this game and developed Napoleon tic tac toe. In the summer of 2014, mobileFX iGaming was renamed into Lightball, always dedicated in enhancing and promoting Napoleon tic tac toe that you like.

 Napoleon Tic Tac Toe:  more than Tic Tac Toe, Gomoku, Renju etc.

  1. No more restricted sudden death of Tic Tac Toe, Gomoku, Renju, Connect6  (where once a line of either 3, or 5, or 6 is formed, a winner is declared and the game ends). The game goes on until almost all tiles are covered.

  2. A scoring method is used  keeping a score for each player according to the number of lines and their length per player. Each line of length 4 counts for 1 point, each line of length 5 counts for 3 points (higher difficulty in making it) and for the ones of greater length, 3 points are added for each additional pawn of length.

  3. Complicated environment which allows for greater suspense, continuous action at the whole area of the board and possibilities of turnaround of  the course of the game, even during the last moves, since a winner can become a loser if the score changes accordingly.

  4. Powerful  AI algorithm with two levels (easy and hard, very challenging, even for expert players).

  5. Advanced features such as saving games possibility, zoom in and zoom out of the board, scroll forward and backward during the phases of each game, etc.

  6. Two versions available one with 9X9 board and one with 19X19 board (professional).